Customized Investor Relations

Pricing of Services

We recognize that investor relations is a very dynamic process, where activity and effort can fluctuate wildly based on corporate developments. For instance, if there is a flurry of news being generated by the company or the company is raising money,  the investor relations activity (and costs) will increase dramatically.  A company can choose what they deem necessary off the “service menu” below to minimize their monthly costs.  We also offer bundled service plans to suit your budget and save you money.

Initial Consultation & Report: We will interview management, review all your filings, business plans, websites, examine your trading history, review your projects, do a competitive analysis and provide you a short report of our recommendations. Typically this takes about half a day and costs $600- $800.

Incoming Calls:  We provide a toll free number, answer all calls by a professional investor relation person, log all calls,  add to investor database and provide monthly report.  Cost is typically $1200  per month.

Outbound Calling:  We work with company to develop a concise presentation that is delivered by a professional investor relation person. Each call is logged and added to the investor database . Cost is  $1800 per 300 outbound calls or $3000 per 600 outbound calls.

Press Release Writing/ Dissemination: A typical news release costs about $300 to write and $200 to distribute to all major North American news feeds.

Web Site Development: Building a web site is entirely dependent on the size and functionality that is requested. A simple informational website highlighting management, projects, contacts, etc. based on a template design would typically cost as little as $1000.  A custom website based on a unique design with many features will cost $5000 or more. We would get several quotes from our web site developers and get the best value for the job.

Web Site Maintenance: Once a website is constructed, it typically costs about $200 per month to maintain it, which includes all updates.

Email Campaigns:  There are over 250 investor relations websites that have mailing lists.   We have relationships with about twenty email service providers, which we consider the best value for the money. Email campaigns start as little as $5000 and can go over $250,000.
Research Reports: A good quality research report costs from $5000 to $20000 depending on the industry, the writer, the length and the distribution list.
Investment Conferences:  Some conferences can be beneficial but they are expensive so you have to choose wisely and strategically.  Typical costs for buying a booth, staffing it and travel and hotel is approximately $10,000.