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Are you already listed on a stock exchange outside Canada?Canada offers an exceptional market place not only for your shares; a dual-listing exposes your company’s products and services to an additional consumer market.Are you a public company seeking to raise financing?

Canada presents a stable capital market environment and a strong economy. Public companies raise hundreds of millions of $ every year on Canadian stock exchanges.
Advantages of a dual-listing

—  Exposure in two markets widens investor base;

—  Additional market liquidity;

  • —  Increased transparency for investors through full disclosure;
  • —  Access to capital in BOTH markets;
  • —  Supports facilitating foreign acquisitions;
  • —  Gateway to the entire north American consumer market;
  • —  300+ international listings on Canadian stock exchanges;
  • —  Cost efficient and quick dual-listing process.

In Canada, the main choices of going public are the Toronto Stock Exchange, the TSX Venture, and now the CNSX: Canadian National Stock Exchange. We invite you to consider the advantages of CNSX as a destination to take your company public.

Download the brochure or contact our office for more information on our Going Public and Dual-Listing Services.

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