Customized Investor Relations

Research Reports

At  1800IR  we believe a good research report by a recognized writer can give tremendous credibility to your company. The ideal report would be a buy recommendation report from a broker/dealer or independent research house. These are very difficult to obtain so we work with several research writers to craft an appropriate professional, comprehensive, corporate overview or research report. The overview will highlight your company’s strengths, current financials, and latest developments.  The research report can be publish on your website and also distributed directly to current shareholders, potential new investors, or the professional investment community at large.

This sponsored report on your company is normally 8-10 pages long and includes market research statistics, charts, figures and images. Your report will give a concise view of your company to potential investors. The report will be published as a  PDF download on our and our affiliates’ websites, and will be announced to our subscriber list. Optionally, it can be announced via press release.  Investors want trusted, independent and actionable information.  Information or research that is truly independent and unbiased is hard to find.  Most research in the micro cap space is paid for by the company for whom the research is being provided.