Customized Investor Relations

Our Strategy

1- 800 IR Provides Customized Investor Relations Solutions to Public Companies

1-800 IR works with your company to create a customized and  focused investor relations strategy that ensures  your company’s story is  clear, concise and consistent.  Establishing an effective and targeted investor communications campaign is key to growing investor awareness. We work closely with management to establish accurate expectations so that the increased corporate visibility produces a greater shareholder base and diversification.  This translates to a market valuation more consistent with the intrinsic value of your company.

There are approximately 24,000 companies trading on major U.S.  and Canadian exchanges. That is a lot of competition for investors.  At 1-800 IR, we figure out how to ensure your company stands out in this crowded market place.  We will not waste time or money. Our strategy is focused and economical. We  introduce your company to appropriate investors, stockbrokers, research writers,  market makers and a myriad of  media outlets. We can also provide all the “backroom” services that are required to keep a public company current with regulators:  filing , legal and accounting.

The team at  1-800 IR delivers value by developing and executing a tailored  communication strategy.  Our focused approach is based on providing  targeted services within a tightly managed budget. We will not waste investor relations dollars on ineffective programs.  The way we do this is by providing an initial corporate evaluation that:

  • develops an  understanding of the company’s story within the financial community;
  • understands your current investor community;
  • determines your current investor relations efforts ;
  • determines your financials needs.

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