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Our job is to introduce your company to as many potential investors as possible and to keep your present shareholders properly informed. We do this a number of ways that can be summarized under the following service categories:

1. Investor Introductions (Person to Person)

The core of an  investor relations program is to connect with potential long term investors.  We organize  meetings between your company and potential  investors, stockbrokers, money managers,  fund managers, market makers, analysts, and newsletter writers and publishers.  Your existing shareholders should  also be contacted regularly to keep them current and accurately informed about your company.  Services within this category include:

  • Phone Services
  • In-Person Business Meetings
  •  Over-the-Phone Business Meetings
  •  Corporate Presentation Lunches and Dinners (Roadshows)
  • Web Based Conference Calls  (Webinars) 
  • Investment Conferences

2. Corporate Communication Strategy

In order to effectively communicate to investors, you have to produce high quality corporate material.  Press releases are really the life blood of investor relations and is the basis of which investors judge the company.   They have to be disseminated to the appropriate global, national or industry-specific channel to  ensure that you will be reaching your target market. Through our marketing associations, we can also distribute your company’s press releases to thousands of domestic and international media outlets.  In doing so, we are able to create and maintain a shareholder communications database that can be used for timely correspondence in the future.  Services within this category include:

  •  Writing and Distributing Press Releases
  •  Producing Corporate Presentation Material (Brochures, PowerPoint)
  •  Maintaining your Investor Database 

3. Internet Marketing

The first order of business is to build a great corporate website. This is where most potential investors start their due diligence. While a great website does not ensure a person will invest, a poor website will surely lose a potential investor. Whether you already have a corporate web page that needs enhancement or you need one to be developed and maintained, 1 800 IR can facilitate all aspects of your Internet presence. We will help you create and design a website, providing all the site management necessary (including hosting, reporting and monitoring). We will then promote the site and use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services in order to get you a high listing in major search engines.  Services within this category include:

  • Web Site Developement
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  •  Social Media Marketing: Twitter  & Facebook  &  Linked-In
  • Pay-Per-Click Marketing
  • SEO-Friendly Copywriting
  • Modern SEO Compliant Web Sites
  • Inbound Link Building
  • Auto respond strategies
  • Investor Database Development

National Radio and Television Programs
access to radio and television outlets as an additional tool for your company’s story. With 300 television syndicates and over 200 satellite XM Sirius radio stations you are able to reach millions of additional potential investors.

Filing Services

Disclosure is the distribution of material information to the marketplace. Material information, simply defined, can be anything that might influence an investor to make a buy, hold, or sell decision. At 1800ir, we will make sure that any and all information is distributed to as many media outlets (both traditional and electronic) as possible, insuring that everyone’s information needs are met: the sell-side and buy-side analysts, fund managers, and other institutional and retail investors.



Research Reports

1 800 IR can develop a professional, comprehensive, corporate overview and research report. This overview will highlight your company’s strengths, current filings, and latest developments. This report can then be sent directly to current shareholders, potential new investors, and the professional investment community at large.


How many times have you thought that you need extra phone work, or perhaps you know there is not alot to discuss for weeks to come and you would like to delay some of your phone efforts. We at 1800ir take the opinion that if you want incoming only, then that’s all we do. If you want to execute and deliver a message, we organize a phone out campaign to those investors that are of record.

Updating their information, delivering the news and  relaying the corporate message.

  • Cost Effective
  • Appropriate 3rd Party recognition
  • Timely


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